Reflecting on our Festival

As we gathered around coffee, we reflected on our past International Children's  Festival. The Jefferson Elementary School was having a clean up day at the same time so it was great to see the interaction between the two communities that share this beautiful campus together.

Some of you mentioned that you have not received our link to the survey about our festival. Usually we send these through Kinderlime newsletters. Incase you haven't received this here it is below. We are always looking for ways to improve our events, and your feedback is critical to our process. It is a very short survey so please take second. Thank you and we appreciate your time.

Here is the link to the survey:

For those of you who missed today's announcements here are some big dates for the month of May:

-May 6th:Parent Seminar with Duygu Balan Founder of come as you are therapy
-May 13th:Mothers Day Tea/Brunch Martha Ozturk will be sending an invitation, please kindly RSVP

-May 20th: End of the year Community Potluck/ Youth & Sports Day

Thank you, and looking forward to next Sunday!





Thank you for celebrating with us!

On a beautiful Sunday on April 22nd, 2018 the Berkeley Turkish School community organized and hosted their 4th annual International Children’s Day Festival.

We thank our amazing parent community, our sponsors, and our guests for participating and helping put this meaningful event together to celebrate our children, and the value of democracy and the richness diversity brings to our lives.

The founders of our school Başak Çakıcı and Başak Altan opened the ceremony talking about the historic meaning behind this important day, April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day in Turkey, which was later adopted by UNESCO to celebrate as International Children’s Day world wide.

Their mindful message reflected on the mission of our school and how BTS crafts their school programs, through meaningful events they organize and weave Modern Turkey’s founder Atatürk’s principles as well as his legacy to into the tapestry of BTS’s curriculum.

As we watched the Berkeley Turkish School Children sing songs in Turkish, and perform dances along side with the BTS Parent Folklore team to commemorate the meaning behind this important day we were yet reminded of how lucky we are to be a part of this community where we connect our past with our future in meaningful ways.

Thank you from all of us at The Berkeley Turkish School, we couldn’t have done this without the support of our community.

Lovely Photos and  Credits: BTS Teacher Hande Tokgoz Utku



Celebrating the International Children's Day Festival at BTS

We thank all our guests,  teachers, parents, sponsors, and our children for celebrating this day with us and supporting our school's mission. It was a fantastic day full of excitement, delicious food, great dancing, amazing music, and lovely performances by the BTS students, parents and Monterey Folk dance team. Most of all, we thank  all of those who volunteered their time and services  in making this day a memorable one. 

Here are some initial photos of our day. Enjoy!

Berkeley Turkish School Folklore Team is very excited for this Sunday!

With the direction of our Folklore Teacher Mehmet Bey, the Berkeley Turkish School Parent Folklore team has been practicing on Sundays. We are super excited to perform the first time this Sunday at the International Children's Festival: Artvin, Ankara and Damat Halayi dances. Here is a sneak peak of  our practice last night at Basak Altan's house.

We also wanted to  thank Sema Altan for ordering and Elif Kale & Baris Lostuvali for carrying our costumes from Turkey. It takes a village! Hope to see and dance with all of you  on Sunday!

atvin ekibimiz.jpg



Cinar Classroom at work preparing a peace corner and the legacy of Ataturk

Mese and Cinar classroom students were busy with their teacher Hande Hanim preparing our school's Ataturk corner that will be showcased at our festival.

At the Berkeley Turkish School we  believe that secular and democratic education ensures public sovereignty and rationality. In our curriculum and in our school's diverse activities we celebrate Atatürk, the founder of Modern Turkey, and his legacy in meaningful ways that connect our children to their Turkish history. The international Children's Festival is one of the many occasions where our children learn and reflect through classroom activities to get an understanding of the topics and historical context.  We hope you can all  join us on Sunday in celebrating this special day. 



Multi Cultural Parenting Seminar

We can not believe it is March already! Where did February go?

This past Sunday our school was proud to host Dr. Nes Pinar's Multi Cultural Parenting workshop. As always, it was a fantastic and a thought provoking seminar. Thank you Neslihan!

While the parents enjoyed conversations on the side of "Pismaniye" which was freshly brought from Turkey (thank you Olcay Bey!) we couldn't help but notice the advancement of our casual soccer games that are taking place in parallel to our curriculum :))

We also had a distinguished guest visitor, Mr. Ozcan Cikmaz, who is the CEO of Hospital On  Mobile. Our leading team has been helping the Georgia Tech Educators and their team in their launching of a Turkish Community School in Atlanta Georgia. Our school is evolving, learning, growing, and at the same time we are being recognized as an example to other community schools. We are happy to share our experiences in creating a community school so many can enjoy the benefits of working together as a team.

If you would like to sponsor an activity for our upcoming international children's day festival, please get in contact with our advancement director Ms. Fatosh Arabacioglu. 

Thank you!




This week, the theme was learning about Our Families. 

The Elma classroom had Sema Altan as their visiting teacher. Together they learned about different geometric shapes, and forms. They conversed  about different kinds of families, with two moms, two dads, one mom and one dad, single mom, single dad etc. The children enacted stories with puppets, and created their own penguin families from the geometric shapes that form the foundational understanding of geometry. The Magnolia class begin with their Mindfulness session with Irem Radzik, and transitioned to a very focused folklore class after learning about the Alphabet with Gulten Demirbek and Pelin Bektur. 

This Past Sunday was also our first held Adult Folklore Class with Mehmet Unal. We had a great turnout and are looking forward to learning more. We began learning our Artvin and Ankara dance moves. It is so much fun. So here is your chance, please join in as next weekend is the last weekend to join the class. 

Here are some images from this past Sunday. Thank you and see you next Sunday!


Every semester we learn new things, together as a community.

This semester is the first time our school will be offering a Folk Dance class with our new instructor Mehmet Unal. We are super excited, and looking forward to our new folk dance group which is forming from our parents as well as the little ones in Magnolia class.

In an effort to have well functioning class time, we have implemented a set of new initiatives.  We saw immediate positive results in the classroom so we will continue to follow suit with the implementation the remainder of the semester. We thank all of our parents for participating and supporting us on this. Here are the new initiatives:

  • Children line up int he hallway by 10 AM,  and each classroom teacher greets their students as they enter their classroom. 
  • Magnolia class begins their session with a mindfulness session by Irem Radzik
  • In order to not interrupt the flow of the class we have asked our parents who arrive after 10:15 to wait outside until the next entry time to enter the class.
  • In order to better integrate our library to our curriculum, during class time students will share the books they read and they will sign out new ones.

We also welcome our new teacher aid for the Magnolia class  Pelin Bektur. 

Here are some photos from our day.






Today we opened our doors to our Berkeley Turkish School community for a 3rd year..

Our spring semester began with a bunch of excitement and great energy. We held an informative seminar for our parents about our story of where were were and what is new. Together we began a great momentum for a busy semester ahead of us. Fatosh Arabacioglu discussed our Children's Festival, we started our lists for Folklore classes and committees to participate in.
Thank you all for being a part of this fantastic community. Here are some images from our cameras.


Thank you all for coming to our holiday party today! As the Berkeley Turkish School, we ended our semester with a sweet note and lovely songs by BTS chorus.  Special thanks goes to the Alp Can Utku and Fatosh Arabacioglu for the lovely live music.

We also thank all those who have contributed to our fall fundraiser. As of today we were able to raise $5230 dollars. Special thanks goes to Sema Hanim, who spent many hours preparing the beautiful holiday wreaths, together with gift table combined she raised over $1200 for our school. We also thank BDE Architects via Mark Schirmer for 1000 dollar contribution to our Fundraiser. Thank you all for coming, and being a part of our lovely community. Happy Holidays from all of us at the Berkeley Turkish School!  Emegi gecen herkese tesekkur ederiz! Yeni yiliniz kutlu olsun!


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