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  • Berkeley Turkish School (Jefferson Elementary) 1400 Ada Street Berkeley, CA, 94702 United States (map)
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Based on high demand, we are excited to offer this amazing workshop for BTS Families.  This is different from the previous workshop because this time parents AND kids will participate. It is a family workshop. There will be limited space upto 25 children, ages 6-11. You can register for this event by signing up onto the empty slots on this spreadsheet.

Both guardians/parents of the child can attend which is covered by this fee. Please note that siblings can not join if they are not registered or not within the age limits of this workshop as an additional child under the same fee.

We are hosting a great KidPower Safety workshop on December 3rd, 2017. There is limited space, if you like to sign up, please do so on our list. With their adults, kids ages 6-11 learn safety skills to prevent problems and improve communication with peers, family, strangers, & others.The link to the list is here:

3 Aralık 2017 tarihinde harika bir KidPower Güvenlik atölyesine ev sahipliği yapıyoruz. Kayıt olmak isterseniz, sınırlı yerimiz var, lütfen listemize ekleyin isminizi. Yetişkinleri ile 6-11 yaş arasındaki çocuklar, sorunları önlemek ve akranları, aileleri, yabancıları ve diğerleriyle iletişim güçlerini arttırmak için güvenlik becerileri öğrenilerini arttirmak amacli bir calismaya hepinizi davet ediyoruz. Listeye bağlantı şu şekildedir:


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Kidpower skills prepare adults and kids alike to develop healthy relationships and make safe choices with people including strangers, siblings, peers, and other people they know.
Together, you’ll practice using ‘People Safety’ skills your child can use to have safer, more positive experiences with people everywhere they go, including online. Skills include how to:
• Make safety plans for public places
• Move away from possible trouble
• Follow Stranger Safety rules
• Set & respect boundaries
• Use safety skills online
• Be & act aware & confident
• Stay safe from hurtful words
• Get help from adults to be safe
• Stop unwanted touch & attention
• Deal with peer pressure & bullying

Kidpower Focuses on Solutions, Not on Problems.

Just like a good swim teacher focuses on having fun practicing swimming skills – not on talking about drowning! – Kidpower focuses on having fun practicing safety skills – not on talking about danger. The Kidpower Safety Workshop for Kids with Their Adults is designed to help kids learn skills to be safe with people in ways that are upbeat, active, effective – and fun, not scary. Adults are Family Safety Leaders. This is not a class ‘for kids’ – it’s a class for families! Adults are the Safety Leaders for their own family every day. So, they are the most important learners in a Kidpower Safety Workshop for Kids with Their Adults. The best way to support the safety of kids is to support their adults in feeling skilled and confident as Safety Leaders. So, you are very important students!

Kids are Family Safety Team Members.

We believe that keeping kids safe is a grown-up job. It’s also a grown-up job to support kids in learning skills for taking charge of their own safety in age-appropriate ways. At the same time, kids are important members in your Family Safety Team. By Checking First, Speaking Up, and following Stranger Safety Rules even very young kids can take positive, powerful action to be safe.

The Family Safety Team Learns Together.

Kids and adults learn together in upbeat activities practicing powerful solutions to problemsfamiliar to kids. For example, even very young kids know about problems like sand-throwing and pushing in line. Examples are adapted to be age- appropriate and relevant. We support families in building skills and confidence together without using fear as a motivator. As long as adults are calm and open to having fun, most families with kids already feeling fearful tell us their kids feel less scared and more confident after the class.