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Berkeley Turkish School is committed to the education and training of its teachers. We are very excited to have the opportunity to host a teacher leadership seminar lead by Roxanna Draddy who is a professional and executive coach.

Goals of the Workshop:

The purpose of this workshop is to bring more awareness and understanding of the dynamics within the Turkish School team. We will be touching on the personal development of each member and how to effectively work with the observable barriers that arise in the group. The workshop is designed to be a process in which members feel safe to explore and share their thoughts and emotions. This will affect team’s ways of engagement and will be an invitation for the next step of growth and development


1.     Personal development and professional growth

2.     Finding more clarity and formulating the message of the school

3.     Building the team (trust, vulnerability)

4.     Activating more engagement and presence in the moment

About Roxanna Draddy:

Roxanna Draddy is a professional executive, career coach. She is passionate about supporting her clients in personal growth and leadership development. She started her career in coaching over 10 years ago as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) Master Coach. She feels fortunate to have found her calling and is deeply committed to support others in developing the capacity to live from their inner potential and authenticity. She also applies mindfulness and stress management to offer more support to her clients.

She received her training from the New Ventures West in San Francisco, CA, which is widely recognized as the most rigorous coaching program in the industry. She holds a BA in Management from the University of The Hague, Holland. And has many years of experience working as a communication consultant.

To see pictures from this past event, you can reference our blog about teacher leadership workshop.

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