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Dear BTS Parents, We hope that you had a great holiday. At BTS we are preparing to open our doors on Sunday February 5th for the first day of classes for another semester filled with exciting, and meaningful time with you and your families. To get ready for our semester on January 22nd, we will be holding a very important Registration and Parent and Teacher Meeting for adults only. Your attendance is very important for this day for a few reasons listed below. Please remember to bring your calendars and payment information with you as well. Please arrive at 9:45 AM the program begins sharp at 10 AM.


January 22d will be the last day to register for the spring semester.  We are streamlining our registration process to be fully automated through Kinderlime. On this day we will have our bookkeeper help you set up your automated accounts. Please bring your account information, as well as your checkbooks to the meeting. To register you can:

  •  Pay with via check/cash/credit card in full tuition for the semester, or
  •  Set up an automated payment through Kinderlime to make your automatic withdrawal monthly payments.
  •  No monthly checks/cash payments.
  •  Registering means you are responsible in paying for the full semester regardless if you select not to continue with the classes.
  •   If you already have automated system set up, and you will be out of town that day, all you have to do is email Maria Rodriguez ( who is our bookkeeper to continue your set up with us that for the Spring semester. But if you don’t have an automated system set up, you will have to attend the open house to set up your registration.


BTS is a community school so we have made an effort to establish more organized ways of parent involvement in running our school more efficiently. On this day we will go over a few but here is the synopsis.

Parent Classroom Coordinators:

We are asking our parents to sign up to their child’s classroom to volunteer their time to be a Parent Classroom Coordinator to support our teachers and to develop our community stronger. Please sign up for February, March, April or May whichever fits your schedule best.

  • Each coordinator will plan one social activity per month for their classroom students outside of school. (Play at the park, movie night etc)
  • Aid teachers in classroom setup and cleanup
  • Manage the classroom’s library check- in and checkout by bringing the classroom box to the classroom at the beginning of the day, and returning it at the end.
  • Rotate monthly, and train the next coordinator on the last day of your shift.
  • Please Sign up on registration day or we will assign randomly

BTS Ambassadors:

Starting this semester we are assembling a core group of BTS Ambassadors that is a group of parents that believe in the mission of our school and are willing to lead social planning efforts for our school community. Please let us know how you would like to be a BTS Ambassador for the Spring semester. We are looking for ambassadors specifically to plan/and host:

  • Fundraising dinner for BTS at their homes, inviting their own networks outside of BTS
  • Mothers day brunch for BTS Moms
  • End of the year celebration for May 22nd +preparing gifts for children
  • Spring Teacher Appreciation Dinner

International Childrens' Day Festival April 23rd

Our Children's Day Festival is growing every year, and this year we are planning a big event with lots of activities. As the date comes closer we will send out more details but wanted to share the below with you as a heads up to please:

  • Donate to our raffle drive one item or service that will be auctioned off during our festival
  • Bring in a Turkish desert to sell at our festival
  • Sign up for a ‘booth’ shift to sell goods/food during our festival 


We are very excited to announce that our teacher Sibel Debryun is able to join us again this semester and she will be the teaching the 4th classroom. We also thank Zeynep Civcik for being an integral part of our teaching team last semester. This portion of the day each of our teachers will talk about their own classroom touching upon:

  • What they did last semester
  • What they will focus on this semester to prepare for the following year
  • What parents can do to support this education this semester for each class

At the end of the meeting there will be free time for parents to touch base with their child’s teacher one on one. If you are a new parent this is a great opportunity to ask your teachers questions you may have about our curriculum.

Thank you and we are looking for another exciting semester together!