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  • 1225 Milvia Street Berkeley, CA, 94709 United States (map)

Multi-Cultural Parenting Workshop Seminar for BTS Parents & guardians.

Seminar will be conducted by Mental Health Clinician Neslihan Pinar.

This event is conducted as a part of Berkeley Turkish School's Fall Fundraising Program so we are accepting donations in sliding scale of $20 and up per person for enrolled BTS Parents and their friends. This event is also open to others outside of BTS community who are interested in learning more about multi cultural parenting as well as supporting our fundraising efforts at BTS.


Parenting is tough, period. When you add the cultural differences between parents, as well as the challenges of raising children in a culture different than your own, parenting challenges get doubled (optimistically speaking)! However, when we are able to identify cultural differences and where they are coming from, we create an atmosphere for compromises, which is an essential component of healthy parenting practices.

In this workshop, we are going to open a dialog about our own “unwritten and unspoken” rules about parenting. In a supportive environment, we are going to look at where our values come from, how they shape our parenting styles, and if they are aligned with the values we want to pass along to our children.

Please bring your open minds and open hearts with you!


Neslihan (Nes) Pinar is a mental health therapist who supports individuals, couples, and families overcoming struggles of life transitions in her private practice in Lafayette. Her bicultural background broadens her insight and respect for different values and belief systems and any kind of diversity, which in turn informs her strength-based approach to therapy. Due to her experience and special interest, Nes is enthusiastic to work with people going through family of origin issues, acculturation difficulties, kids in (or have been in) foster care and adopted children, trauma history, relationship issues, career change, women going back to the work after being a stay-at-home-mom, becoming a first time parent, growing up or raising children in an “achievement culture” in privileged communities, self-esteem issues, depression/anxiety/mood disorders.

Besides providing mental health counseling services, Nes also frequently facilitates trainings on variety of topics at agencies and engages in public presentations at schools. Nes has a counseling degree from California State University of East Bay and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC#94911). She is originally from Turkey, has two children, and holds an engineering degree. She is fluent in English and Turkish. Nes loves reading, swimming, camping, travelling, hanging out with friends, going out for date nights with her husband, and cooking from scratch.

Nes can be reached at (925) 405-6040 and Interested in learning more? Visit


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