Educational Products Designed for Berkeley Turkish School

This Sunday, we had quite the excitement! Basak Altan’s California College of Arts Industrial Design Students delivered their final products that they have been developing during the course of the year in partnership with the Engage Program.   BTS students have been providing feedback on the products that focused on teaching culture through creativity. As a result, today was the day to receive the hand-over of these amazing games and educational tools that BTS will cherish during the semesters to come. One of the games, designed by Patrick Hill, was called a Mariner’s Odyssey exploring the coastal waters of Anatolia while the other was focusing on Turkish cuisine, designed by Bobbie Morris & LingFeng Hua.

Gulten Hanim’s class travelled from San Francisco to Istanbul with a plane that Gulten Hanim drew- Ofcourse they had their tickets and Turkish Lira’s ready.  Taliha Hanim, our science teacher, demonstrated lab experiments showing the buoyancy of salt water vs fresh water. Hopefully all of this will be handy information while some of our students are preparing to head off to the Mediterranean with their families.