A Beautiful May Morning

Berkeley Turkish School hosted a parent seminar by Duygu Balan, on parenting and self care. It was a fantastic workshop that gave us parents an opportunity to reflect, and plan on thinking about our needs to care for our minds, spirit and our bodies  before helping our little ones. While we explored what does self care mean to each one of us, how much self care are we able to provide for our selves, and what are some of the barriers that keep us as parents from self care... we shared examples as well as began the drafts of our own self care plans. We say many thanks for this very valuable opportunity to Duygu Balan.

In the classrooms there was the buzz of getting ready for mothers' day brunch which is next weekend. Some songs were practiced, and crafts were constructed. But, shhhh... it is a surprise for our moms. ... so we will leave it here..  We also shared some delicious sour plums with salt which is a favorite fruit for spring season in Turkey.