Our Partnership with the Industrial Design Department at California College Of Arts

Today was the first day our school was open post our festival. While our students were in class, the parents over Yildiray Bey's delicious suboregi reflected on the great results our community achieved at our festival fundraiser.

Basak Altan's CCA Industrial Design Students visited BTS and presented their final projects and educational products as a conclusion of their ID Semester program with the Engage Program. This year is our second year of collaboration with CCA.  Our own students and teachers were directly involved with the design process by testing and providing essential feedback to the industrial design students, so there was quite a bit of excitement about seeing the end result.

Since it is May, we are opening the season of camping in the Bay Area. Thank you Ezerhan for showing the little ones how you set up a tent... and put it back together.

Here are some images of this fun day including one of our parent Irem Radzik's mindfulness workshop for the Elma Agaci classroom... Happy May and see you all next weekend!