After two months of break we started our Spring Semester today with great energy and momentum both inside the classrooms as well as outside.

During turbulant times like these, we are reminded of how important it is to belong to a larger community that values diversity and peace. While our little global citizens joined their classmates with their teachers in their classrooms, we the Berkeley Turkish School Parents brainstormed together over coffee about what this community school means for each of us. We elaborated on what and how each one of us could help to achieve these goals as a community school. Out of this very valuable brainstorming session came out some great insights, and information. We realize this is just the begining and it takes diligence, commitment and time to deliver on these.  However we are confident that they are attainable, because we all witnessed the level of commitment and energy behind all of our parents who participated.  We are very excited to report that we now have key parents leading certain tasks to grow our community school.

Thank you for being a part of this meaningful community. We couldn't do without your support and dedication.

As we receive photos from our first day we will be posting to our blog.  See you all next Sunday!