Building our School's Library

Hello! We hope you are having a great summer!

This semester we are very excited to start our own school library! During the summer we were busy purchasing great Turkish Books for our students to read as a part of our school's curriculum during the semester. The cargo boxes began arriving and we are busy uploading the amazing selection to our online digital library. We have also established a great relationship with a bookstore in Izmir, who will be shipping us our books as we order new sets.

This semester each classroom will have their own library and BTS students will be able to checkout books.

If you would like to see our online library here is it link:

We are uplading new books as they arrive, and hope to be growing this great library with the help of our community. If you have any books that are in good condition, please bring them with your child to your classroom teachers. We are happy to add them into our library!