Do you know of any librarIES IN THE BAY AREA where you can borrow Turkish CHILDREN's books?

At the Berkeley Turkish School, we are proud to announce that our school now has a library for Turkish children’s books.

We take this library project seriously. In fact, we want to grow it beyond our school; we've collaborated with the cloud software platform 'Libib' to catalogue and manage our BTS Children’s Library. So this is not a box filled with books. This is a library which will grow with BTS. Please take a look and visit our online digital library here.

We have uploaded book covers, summaries and other information so that you can browse and search for the next book you you'd like to read to or with your child.

If you have any Turkish children's books that you like and that you would like to donate to BTS's library, please contact us, we would love to hear from you. Thank you!