Berkeley Turkish School Code of CONDUCT

At the Berkeley Turkish School we strive to provide a safe, caring, learning environment for children, staff and families. We strive to provide an environment in which all children can develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively. Our school is based on the belief that each and every child should have the same opportunity to grow and develop in a warm, kind, and caring environment at their own individual pace. We welcome children of all abilities into our programs and will to the best of our ability provide additional support for any child that needs

The following people are expected to behave in a respectful manner and comply with this code of conduct:
• The children who are registered at our school
• The parents/guardians of children enrolled
• The volunteer teachers
• The tutors who are hired to teach Turkish and provide other activity materials
• All others such as visitors, extended families etc involved with our school

Guiding Principles for Appropriate Behaviour
• Be Respectful
We are respectful of ourselves and other people. We are respectful of the ideas and feelings of others.
We are respectful of the environment, equipment and materials.
• Be Safe
We work and play safely to help keep ourselves and others from getting hurt.
• Be Cooperative
We solve our problems by talking and listening to each other respectfully to find a solution first.
When we cannot solve a problem ourselves, we ask for help.
• Be Supportive of Learning
We learn to the best of our abilities and support the learning of others.

Unacceptable Behaviours
The following behaviours by children, staff, parents and others involved in our centre are unacceptable:
• All forms of bullying (physical, verbal, emotional, social or cyber bullying), including: comments, actions or visual displays that are intentional, hurtful and repetitive
• Harassment, including behaviour that degrades, demeans, humiliates or embarrasses someone that a reasonable person would know is unwelcome
• All forms of abuse (sexual, physical or psychological), including verbally, in writing or otherwise discrimination against any person or group because of their race, colour, ancestry, nationality or place of origin, ethnic background, religion, age, sex, gender-determined characteristics, sexual orientation, marital and family status, source of income, political belief and physical or mental disability
• Actions that put another person at risk of harm, including violent physical acts (with or without a weapon)

Proactive Strategies
• We actively strive to create an environment that supports the health, safety and well-being of the children by:
• having realistic and developmentally appropriate expectations for behaviour
• setting up the environment and materials to encourage appropriate behaviour and reduce potential or inappropriate behaviour
• planning a program based on children’s interests and developmental needs
• establishing consistent yet flexible schedules and routines that help children gain trust, security and self control

We create a positive environment for children, parents, staff and others involved in our centre by:
• developing positive relationships, including making time to talk and listen
• expecting volunteers to always show kindness in words and actions in dealing with each other, with the children and with parents
• expecting teachers, children and parents to use good manners verbally and with actions
• establishing clear, consistent, simple limits
• stating limits in a positive way and periodically reminding people
• providing explanations for limits
• working together to solve problems
• modelling and encouraging appropriate behaviour

Regarding School Grounds

Please be mindful of the fact that Jefferson Elementary School is generously offering their facilities for our school’s use. Damages to the physical space, whether it be the classroom, the building or the school grounds, are not acceptable. If a child and/or parent causes such damage (scale of which will be assessed on an individual basis), the family is responsible for remediation of the resulting damage in a manner acceptable to the administrative team and/or Jefferson Elementary School. We as a group need to respect and protect this privilege offered to us.

Consequences of Inappropriate Behavior
We will respond to inappropriate behavior by children, parents, staff and others involved in our school in a consistent manner by:
• reminding people of expectations and limits
• using a respectful approach to explain why a behavior is inappropriate and what behavior is expected
• talking about the behavior only, without labeling the person
• responding sympathetically and acknowledging feelings
• establishing natural, logical consequences

Depending on the severity and frequency of the behavior, we will consider further steps such as:
• reporting inappropriate behavior of a visitor to the appropriate authority
• having a formal or informal meeting to discuss concerns and to develop an action plan to encourage appropriate behavior in the future
• giving a written warning that outlines specific concerns and consequences if the behavior continues
• accessing outside resources for help such as:
child and family services
the police to assist with threatening behavior

In extreme cases, we will take additional steps such as:
• suspending or dismissing a staff member
• suspending or withdrawing services because of a child’s or family member’s inappropriate behavior
• contacting the police and/or child and family services.